Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies

The objective of StrAU ISMT is creating a research and education centre of the world level on the basis of TSU, which provides education for the future competitive professionals; carrying out research works in the field of predicting nano- and meso-levels of physical-chemical characteristics of new materials and technological processes on the base of mathematics and computer modelling with the following transition to the full cycle of research, production and implementation of “smart” materials and technologies.

The key task of StrAU ISMT is creation of multi-level system of education (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Doctor Degree) aimed at accelerating the cycle of developing new materials and technologies and cheapening the final products; carrying out fundamental and applied research in developing new “smart” materials and industrial engineering technologies of creating constructions and systems on the basis of these materials with the participation of the leading Russian and international experts; developing the methods of multi-level mathematics modeling and developing new highly-effective materials, devices and systems with the use of additive technologies for high-tech branches of industry and new markets; increasing educational and research competitiveness of the university on the world level.

StrAU ISMT is formed as a wide subject research and academic consortium with the potential for a flexible arrangement of interdisciplinary teams and Master’s programs.

The target model of development includes creation of the technological cluster with the university playing the leading role in research and findings and further establishment of the market sector of new materials and functional electronics and technologies for their application for the Russian and international industry, including the markets of the National Technological Initiative being created.





Master Programmes





Evgeniy Chulkov-Savkin

Scientific supervisor


Irina Kurzina

Executive director


Alexander Korotaev

Deputy Executive Director for Academic Affairs