New educational module “Chinese Studies” will be launched soon

The StrAU Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies is preparing to launch a series of educational modules for a broad audience including BA and MA students, graduates, and Ph.D. researchers from science and humanities to teach them a business culture of Southeast Asia and China.
The curriculum program will contain seminars and workshops.
Throughout the advanced course, the participants will acquire language training and have a chance to pass an internship in China.
The Center for Eurasian Studies, Confucius Institute based at TSU, chambers of commerce and industry network in Russia, TSU academic and industrial partners will provide an expert support to the program.
The educational curriculum will cover different topics such as traditions, philosophical foundations, bargaining, and negotiating skills, modern business practice and culture in Asia. Participants will benefit their professional development when looking for industrial companies, i.e. potential employers in China and Southeast Asia.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us your preliminary request to participate in these modules.
We will send you additional information on the term’s module and a program when ready.

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