Tomsk International Science Honor’s Program: The First Defense of Projects is done!

At the end of December of 2018, within the StrAU “Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies, the first block ‘Light and Color’ for the Tomsk International Science Honor’s Program developed along with the Maastricht University (The Netherlands) was completed. All the students were divided into several groups to prepare a final assignment. During the work, they got a first-hand experience of problem-based learning and research-based approaches. A part of the ‘Light and Color block, Professor Herman Kingma (Maastricht University and Tomsk State University) presented two public lectures and workshops.

At whole, the Dutch approach to teaching includes an interactive mode of communication and concentrates on a student as a personality. The main element is teamwork when students from diverse cultural and professional background learn to communicate with each other while a standpoint of every person is highly appreciated. Under the Tomsk the International Science Honor’s Program, multicultural team of professors, tutors, and students from several countries (India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, and Taiwan) took part. The TSU students also elaborated their critical thinking, public speaking skills, and received a chance to assess presentations of each other.

As Professor Herman Kingma stressed, ‘One of the main element to make a successful presentation and avoid the difficulty of speaking in front of the audience is a preparation in advance’. Among the different topics chosen by the participants, there were ‘Fluorescence and Application of Fluorescence’, ‘Capturing Light’, ‘Photosynthesis’, ‘Physics of Light’, and others. The lecturers and tutors emphasized a practice-oriented nature of the given projects. For example, Yana and Himanshu spoke about reasons for a greenhouse effect. Gokma Tua and Ilfa Gabitova mentioned not only the history of photography and photo devices, from a scientific point of view they explained how it is better to take pictures and demonstrated their own experiment.

Next year, the students will come to the second block of the Tomsk International Science Honor’s Program, ‘Temperature and Energy”.