First Student of the Interdisciplinary Double Degree Master’s Program TSU + Chimie ParisTech or Bienvenue à Paris

Last year, Urmat Rustambek, a graduate student of the Double Degree Master’s Program between Tomsk State University (Russia) and  Chimie ParisTech (France) embarked on his studying journey. He spent the first year at TSU,  at the present time, he is receiving the training in France, and he will be studying there for one year and half. During the last semester he will come back to Tomsk to defend his master’s thesis.  Urmat’s curriculum program also includes an obligatory five-month internship at one of the French chemical enterprises or international transnational company.

Due to the French governmental scholarship Eiffel, which covers the main expenses (flight, accommodation, medical insurance, visa, training materials, etc.), Urmat had a chance to go studying abroad.

After successful participation of the program, the graduates will be awarded two degrees: Master Degree from TSU and «Diplôme d’Ingénieur de Chimie ParisTech» (M.Sc. in Engineering of Chimie ParisTech).

You can find more information about the university life in Paris, education @ Chimie ParisTech and an application process from Urmat’s blog following the link for his personal web-page::

* Photo by W. Rustambek