Fundamental and applied chemistry of substances and materials

Fundamental and Applied Chemistry of Substances and Materials


Translational chemical and biomedical technologies




Materials and Devices for Functional Electronics and Photonics




Team of the StrAU Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies has prepared three projects within the contest of research projects of StrAUs:
additive technologies to form organic, inorganic, and hybrid functional semiconductor materials and structures and creation of detector systems sensitive to quantum based on these, devices of impulse power electronics, optoelectronics, and spin and quantum electronics of the future to be applied in findings of high-tech companies and global research experiments at the up-to-date and future colliders and synchrotrons;
research, computer forecasting of the structure and properties, and design of technologies to obtain new functional, high entropy and high energy materials for additive production of complex-profile products;
research and forecasting of natural resources, changes in the Siberian environment and their social consequences at the national and global scale.
It is planned to: create R&D center, including the division for business development in the field of functional electronics with the further formation of technological consortium with technological and industrial partners, oriented at valuable positions at the global market; and create the Institute of Advanced Materials as a research center (hub) within the StrAU, engaging into cooperation the key divisions in the field of functional electronics, chemistry of new materials, creation and application of new constructive materials, additive technologies, quantum technologies, and computer simulation.

Planned performance indicators of StrAUs

Increase in the volume of extra-budgetary funds to 900 million rubles in 2020; increase in positions of subject rankings QS “Chemical Engineering”, QS “Electrical Engineering”, QS “Mechanical Engineering”, QS “Chemistry”, QS “Materials science”, and QS “Physics & Astronomy”.
Quality improvement of research and academic activities, development of the innovative activity, increase in positions of the university in the global and subject rankings will be the output of implementation of development plans for academic and research activity of the StrAU. In 2020, the following positions will be achieved: 51-200 in the general ranking THE World Universities, 1-200 in the general list of QS Rankings, and entering top 100 of QS Subject Rankings “Computer science and information systems”, “Chemical engineering”, “Electrical engineering”, “Physics & astronomy”, “Materials science”, and “Chemistry”.

It is planned to develop academic activity of StrAU by update of the current (4 programs) and creation of new interdisciplinary academic Master’s and Postgraduate programs current (5 programs):
New programs:

  • Educational programs “Deformable Body Mechanics” (Postgraduate Programs) (launched in 2016)
  • Educational programs “Materials and tools for functional electronics and photonics” (Master’s Programs). Subject area 03.04.03. Radiophysics (launched in 2018)
  • Educational programs “Chemistry and Material Engineering” (Master’s Programs). Subject area 04.04.01 Chemistry (launched in 2018)
  • Educational programs “Physical bases of science-intensive technologies to obtain and process materials” (Master’s Programs). Subject area 15.04.03 Applied Mechanics (launched in 2018)
  • Educational programs “Additive technologies to obtain new smart materials” (Master’s Programs). Subject area 15.04.03 Applied Mechanics (launched in 2018)