Master’s Program «Materials and Devices for Functional Electronics and Photonics»

Orientation to cope with interdisciplinary technologies, research convergence in material science and engineering, component base and functional electronics, radio photonics, and quantum sensitive sensorics

Research and training as part of unique scientific school in the field of the technology of compound semiconductor materials and structures

Technological center with a modern equipment and an opportunity to create monolithic and hybrid integral circuits, matrix detectors, sensors; technology of molecular beam emitaxy of quantum dots in the organic and inorganic systems

Professionals with a solid background of collaboration in large R&TD with Russian and foreign companies, leading scientific centers (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, CERN, ESRF, DESY, STFC RAL, etc.)

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The electronics of the near future are expected to be drastically changed in the ideology and technology of building the component base.

One of the most perspective direction capable of providing competitiveness of Russian equipment, is a development of materials and systems of tomorrow’s functional electronics and photonics.

Development of additive technologies of organic, inorganic and hybrid semiconductors, complex modified poly-functional materials and structures based on them will let construct integrated devices and systems of functional electronics and radio-photonics on a new principle.

The program’s goal is to prepare highly skilled specialists in the field of theory, methods, and resources to produce equipment and devices of modern and future functional micro- and nanoelectronics, system engineering for research laboratories, industrial enterprises, and business structures.

Advantages of the program

Involvement of the leading partners


Working with the unique scientific and technological equipment

Participation in the international projects

Developing a systematic approach


Training with the best specialists

Focus on applications

Master’s program features

Second year MSc students will have an opportunity to study new special subjects, make research and pass an internship at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna), one of the biggest international scientific center which successfully combines fundamental research and development of new technologies.
Students will participate in the world-class experiments in nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, and also join to develop, set up and adjust the equipment of the new installations, in particular, unique Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAсility, NICA..

Application and admission process

The principal educational program of the Master’s Program “Materials and Devices for Functional Electronics and Photonics” (Program code: 03.04.03 Radiophysics) is opened on April 9, 2018.

Tuition fee can be waived (and scholarship is available) for 10 students (state-funded places).

The training on a fee basis is possible.

Specific requirements

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree (BS), Master’s Degree (MA or MSc), or Specialist diploma.

Other admission requirements:
Students will be selected on the basis of:
1) assessment of their prior knowledge (education program track 03.04.03. – Radiophysics, subject – “Electronics”)
2) Interview
The maximum score for each examination is 100 points.
Prospective students who submit all the documents to the TSU Admission office will be able to pass an admission examination.

The curriculum of the admission requirements, and other official information on the principal educational program (general description, syllabus, calendar, courses and internship description) are published in the section “Physics and Astronomy / Radiophysics” – Master’s programs at Tomsk State University web-site.. You can also refer to the general admission requirements for Master’s programs, and other necessary and useful information for TSU prospective students through TSU official web-site


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