Currently industrial development follows the path of globalization and the development of full cycle technologies. Key aspects are forming industrial chains oriented to economical production and utilizing cheap resources and additive technologies for obtaining new materials with optimal operational properties.


To create products designed for implementation in the new markets AeroNet, AutoNet, SafeNet, and EnergyNet, a group of interrelated problems must be solved: to forecast the properties of new materials and technological processes based on mathematical and computer modeling; to synthesize “smart” materials; to conduct complex experimental and theoretical research on the properties and structure of materials; and to optimize technological modes of additive productions of goods and constructions based on smart materials.


Tomsk State University possesses the necessary competencies in conducting fundamental and theoretical research and training highly-qualified personnel. The creation of the Institute of Smart Materials and Technology is aimed at solving problems of product design using smart materials and technologies.


The Institute will become a unified scientific and learning environment, where, based on the realization of a multi-level system of preparation (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD programmes, and the Doctorate), fundamental and applied research will be conducted on developing new smart materials and industrial technologies to create structures and systems based on them. The technologies and high-efficiency materials developed in the Institute will have the competitive advantage of being high quality while adapted to the interests of both producers and consumers. A complete research and learning cycle realized in the Institute will provide partner organizations with highly-qualified personnel and create the foundation for advanced procurement of import substitution in the Russian Federation with new technologies and materials in the main scientific and educational areas of the StrAU’s activity:

Forecasting of properties

of new materials and technologies


Polyfunctional materials

and chemical technologies


Inorganic based composite materials with multi-level hierarchical structure


Design of high-energy and special materials

and systems


Additive technologies for new materials

and systems

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TSU possesses the necessary competencies in the given fields, which will enable international competitiveness in the training of highly-qualified personnel who create the new generation of materials, including those with hierarchically organized structure for breakthrough production technologies.


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Irina Kurzina