In 2015 the total volume of research and design work performed was 953.0 million rubles, including 394.7 million rub of extrabudgetary funds. The most significant projects were:



Research project

“Some problems of strong interactions and intense fields in contemporary quantum field theory”

(RSF project 15-12-10009, 2015-2017 – 18 million rubles, including 27 million rub in 2015). The project supervisor is Dmitry Maximovich Gitman, TSU, Chief Researcher, born in 1944. JINR together with the Physics Institute of the University of São Paulo (Brazil) solve crucial problems of quantum field theory and its applications in elementary particle physics and condensed matter physics (A1).



Research, development, and technological work

“Development of high-performance catalyst of dehydrogenation of isobutane to isobutylene and organization of its industrial production”

(according to government decree No. 218, GC 02.G25.31.0125, agreement No. 4678 of 14.05.2014, 2014-2016 – 147.0 million rubles, including 27 million rub in 2015). The supervisor is Oleg Valerievich Magaev, Laboratory of Catalytic Research, Senior Researcher, born in 1982. Together with the partner SKTB Katalizator, the technology of obtaining a highly active catalyst of dehydrogenation will be developed and put into production (A2).



Applied research

“Applied research in the field of low-temperature ceramic based on micron, submicron and nanoscale powder compositions”

(FTP Project No.14.578.21.0027, 2014-2016 – 98.7 million rubles, including 13.5 million rub in 2015). The supervisor is Ivan Varfolomeevich Ivonin, TSU, Vice-Rector for Research, born in 1947. For the benefit of JSC ISS, samples of low-temperature ceramics based on micron, submicron, and nanoscale powders will be developed (A3).



Research work


(2014-2017 – 149.5 million rubles, including 62 million rub in 2015). The supervisor is Alexander Nikolaevich Ishchenko, RI AMM TSU, Deputy Director for Research, born in 1957. Together with JSC SPA Pribor, JSC CDBME Rubin, and FSUE KB Arsenal, new high-energy materials for pulse installations were developed and studied (A4).



Research work

“Mechanisms of phase and structural transformations in high-strength crystals of iron-based alloys and titanium nickelide with ordinary and magnetic shape memory effect”

(RSF Project No. 14-29-00012, 2014-2016 – 51 million rubles, including 18 million rub in 2015). The supervisor is Yury Ivanovich Chumlyakov, Laboratory of SPhTI TSU, Head of Laboratory, born in 1947. Abnormally large reversible deformations up to 15% were first obtained in new high-strength monocrystals of iron-based alloys and titanium nickelide, development of martensitic transformations at voltages up to 2 GPa and temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. (A5).

Project coordinator

Irina Kurzina