Mathematical Modeling of Technical Processes by ASPEN

Career Development Program

“Mathematical Modeling of Technical Processes by ASPEN” provides students basic knowledge and skills how to use the software package Aspen ONE Engineering (Aspen Hysys, Aspen Plus, EDR), and theoretical background how to conduct pinch-analysis.

As learning outcomes, participants obtain basic knowledge and skills necessary for successful mathematical modeling of chemical and petrochemical synthesis processes, mass and heat-exchange processes, optimization and calculation of the flow charts, and so on, as well as skills to operate in the modern mathematical modeling software and understand algorithms of these programs.

Participants acquire theoretical knowledge through lectures. Practical skills are obtained by means of Aspen ONE Engineering including laboratory research based on fundamental chemical and petrochemical production processes.

The training material consists of lectures and guidance how to conduct laboratory and practical assignments.

The training material is based on the training manuals of the Aspen ONE Engineering developers, the goals and needs of chemical and petrochemical enterprises, and long-term faculty experience with this software.

Number of hours: 150


Reshetnikov Dmitriy M., Head of the Department of the Technological Processes Diagnostics and Pre-design, Engineering Chemical Technological Center;

Norin Vladislav V., Leading Specialist from the Department of the Technological Processes