Photonics and optoinformatics

Master’s Programme

11 students




Instruments and devices for nanophotonics (The program is accredited by Association of engineering education of Russia and Europian Accreditation of Engineering Programmes and enlisted in all-European list of accredited engineering programs)



Key Russian and foreign partners:

Institute of Semiconductor Physics of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), JSC “Research institute of semiconductor devices”, JSC “Mikran” (Tomsk).



Role of partners:

partners give a places of production practice and completion of graduation qualification works and their subjects. Participate in development of the personal educational ways of elective part of the educational program.



Employment of the graduators:

JSC “Mikran”; JSC “Research Institute of Semiconductor Devises; JSC “Research-Production Center “Polus” (Tomsk), Institutes of SB RAS (HCEI, IAO, ISP); JSC “Information satellite systems; FSUE RPA “Orion” (Moscow); JSC “Moscow plant “Sapphire”, RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Theoretical Physics.



Areas of activity:

research and educational institutions (TSU, HCEI of SB RA RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Theoretical Physics) and высокотехнологичные предприятия реального сектора экономики (ОАО «НИИ high-tech devises, JSC “Information satellite systems, JSC “Research-Production Center “Polus”), development and exploitation of photonic instruments and devises, research of nanophotonic materials.




engineer, design engineer, researcher.



Positions in 3-5 years:

heads of the projects, heads of laboratories, leading engineers.

Project coordinator

Irina Kurzina