The program “QUANTUM” provides a unique opportunity to study the modern quantum theory and its application. The teaching has a form of additional education for specialists or PhD students. Participants study the module based on the individual study plan while still attending the school. A student from any TSU faculty of the physical-mathematical, engineering or chemical track can make an individual plan including all the “QUANTUM” courses. The module is also open for students from the other Universities and specialists of the appropriate third-party organizations. The module is scheduled for two and half semesters of studying.

The core course of this module is Advanced Quantum Mechanics adopted for students from a different field of study and a level of education.

The classes will take place in the second semester of 2018.

The Advanced Quantum Mechanics course is obligatory to study elective part of the program “QUANTUM”. The elective courses will include the following:

  • Additional Chapters of Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Theory of the Solid Body
  • Quantum and Computational Chemistry
  • Polymer Physics
  • Quantum Computers and Quantum Calculations
  • Introducation to Relativity Theory
  • Elementary Particle Physics

and will be taught in the spring semester of 2019.

Participants can choose one or several subjects in this part of the module according to their research interests. The teaching has a form of additional education for specialists or PhD students.

To be enrolled for the core course, please go to the TSU Campus courses web-site:

It is necessary to choose the first semester of 2018/2019 academic year, open the physical-mathematic track, and click on the Quantum Mechanics course.

The early-bird registration is welcomed.

For more detailed information on the educational module “QUANTUM”, please see:
or phone:
8 913 849 29 26 (Prof. Dr. Alexey Anatolievich Sharapov)
8 913 826 21 63 (Prof. Dr. Simon Leonidovich Lyakhovich)

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