Master’s Programme

Institute of catalysis of SB RAS, Institute of inorganic chemistry of SB RAS, Institute of Solid State Chemistry of SB RAS, Department of structural microkinetics of SB RAS, Institute of physics of SB RAS, RPF “Radiosvaz”, JSC “Research-Production Center “Polus”.



Role of the partners:

Give a places of production practice and completion of graduation qualification works and their subjects. Participate in development of personal educational ways of elective part of the educational program.



Areas of activity:

Programs have an aim of training of high-skilled specialists, having knowledge of general principles of building of electrodynamics models of heterogeneous medias and calculation methods of electromagnetic properties of devises based on the heterogeneous medias; knowing the general techniques of software composition for modeling of the synthesis and adhesion of oxide ferromagnetic and devises based on the heterogeneous medias. Areas of professional activity may be researches and works in the area of nature of physical phenomena and objects with the wave or oscillatory nature, methods, and devices based on physical phenomena, wave or oscillatory nature, including:



Employment of the graduators:

JSC “Mikran” (Tomsk), University Münster, Germany; JSC “Information satellite systems”, Institute of physics of SB RAS, Tomsk Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute JSC DETAL.




engineer, researcher, postdoc.



Positions in 3-5 years:

Heads of the projects, heads of laboratories.

Project coordinator

Irina Kurzina