Design of high energy and special materials and systems

A4 is connected with the creation of new technologies for obtaining high energy and special materials and design of high energy installations and systems of rocket and space, and transport equipment of new generation.
Research is aimed to develop new high-energy materials and systems with the use of modern methods of physical and mathematical modeling. Prospective high-energy and special (with enhanced performance characteristics) materials are under development, along with technologies of their production to be used in high energy power plants, transport and space systems, as well as other civil applications and dual technologies. Partners: FSUE “RSC AC”, ICP RAS, IPSET SB RAS, IPCP RAS, JSC “Corporation MITT”, JSC “FSPC “Altai”, FCDT “Soyuz”, JSC “SPA “Pribor”, ESA, Brunel University, Manchester University, Fraunhofer ICT, AVIO Group, New Jersey Institute of Technology.