Forecasting of properties of new materials and technologies

A1 is connected with preparation of scientific and educational personnel, who can carry out modeling and forecasting of the properties of materials and modes of technologies in correlation with experimental data for A2-A5. High competitiveness is provided within A1 in forecasting of properties of materials (volume and layered materials, heterostructures, and coatings) based on technologies of mathematical and computer simulation.
Scientific development will be directed towards the development of modern approaches to computer forecasting of the properties of new nano- and mesostructural materials, theoretical calculations of technological stages of obtaining volume and surface materials.
Development of the methods for computer modeling of the processes of growth and technology for obtaining nanostructures, evaluation of electronic and optical states of the quantum size structures on the surface and in the volume of semiconductors depending on shape, size and chemical composition.

Jointly with partners, development of fundamental bases of creation of:

  • new materials for nanoelectronic and spintronic devices
  • obtaining selective photodetectors with controlled properties by means of epitaxial techniques
  • new methods of construction, research and quantization of nonlinear physical models, including construction of joint and stable interactions in quantum field theory
  • multiscale computer modeling of the processes of growth of semiconductor nanostructures
  • the physical models of characteristics created by nanostructures within the parameters of grown quantum wells or dots

Development of technologies of organic molecular and semiconductor electronics and synthesis of new efficient light-emitting and photosensitive organic materials will be developed; technologies of plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition to modify the surface of products with complex branched form.