XVth International Workshop High Energetic Materials (HEMs 2019): Demilitarization and Civil Applications Monaco (Principality of Monaco) 28-31 October 2019


Boris Pevchenko (Russia), Jean-François Guery (France), Alexander Vorozhtsov (Russia), Guy Jacob (France), Elena Buylova (Russia), Laurent Catoire (France), Artyom Rykun (Russia), Bernie Kosowski (USA), Vadim Zhdanov (Russia), Adam Cumming (UK), Gennady Sakovich (Russia), Raphaël Terreux (France), Keiichi Hori (Japan), Eugeny Maximov (Russia), Wilhelm Eckl (Germany), Sergei Sysolyatin (Russia), Jochen Neutz (Germany), Vladimir Gruznov (Russia), Luigi DeLuca (Italy), Andrey Litvinov (Russia), Luciano Galfetti (Italy), Colin Pulham (UK), Denis Spitzer (France), Helmut Ciezki (Germany).


Raphaël Terreux, Guy Jacob, Julie-Anne Chemelle, Isabelle Terreux-Famery.


International Workshop HEMs-2019 is held for the purpose of strengthening collaboration of noted scientists from different countries and manufacturers working on the development of new articles from high energy materials. Subjects of the Workshop cover the problems of civil application of HEMs and related problems, up-to-date state and development perspectives of the following directions:
1) Development of HEMs, Their Features, Diagnostics and Combustion;
2) Demilitarization/Utilization/Environmental Safety of Energetic Systems;
3) Rocket Motors for Space Systems, Gas Generators;
4) Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (including medicine and pharmaceutics);
5) High Energy Materials for new applications;
6) Dual-Purpose Chemical Substances and medico-biologic materials;
7) Detection of Explosives.
Conferences, discussions and technical session of the Workshop will be held in the Conference Room, during 2 days.


28.10.19 Monday Arrival Registration and Pass, Welcome Reception
29.10.19 Tuesday First Day Registration, opening session, Technical sessions
30.10.19 Wednesday Second Day Technical sessions, Social dinner
31.10.19 Thursday Third Day Free Day (excursion)
01.11.19 Friday Departure
Working languages: English
Abstracts and reports should be written in English (Russian translation available).
Reporters are requested to send and electronic copy of their abstracts to the contact address: HEMs2019@ibcp.fr


All participants would be welcomed in comfortable rooms in Méridien Beach Plaza, Monaco.

Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel
22, Avenue Princesse Grâce,
98000 Monaco
Principauté de Monaco

Accommodation package have been negotiated. Prices of packages depending on the room type (Classic room / Deluxe room / Deluxe full sea view room).
Please specify when booking: “HEMs meeting”, your package choice, your first name, name, phone number and mail address. Booking will be open on 1st March 2019.


Post-graduates, students:
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€ 500.00
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€ 300.00

All costs for organizing the Workshop HEMs 2019 include: information, coffee-break, lunchtime during the
Workshop and Gala dinner, working materials like board, videoconferencing and pictures, last day excursion.
Accompanying person will not have access to the conference room and coffee break.


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Mail Address: HEMs2019@ibcp.fr

How to travel to MONACO:
The closest international airport to Monaco is NICE international airport (NCE). The distance between
Monaco and Nice airport is around 25 Km.

— Bus : https://www.niceairportxpress.com/fr/accueil (22 Eur)
— Taxi : 45 min by taxi around 90 Eur
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Raphael Terreux
Isabelle Terreux-Famery
Julie-Anne Chemelle
Guy Jacob

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